Blackpool Dolphinarium - 1969

Photo taken from 100 Years of The Seaside: Twentieth Century in Pictures published by Ammonite Press/Press Association copyright.


A seasonal temporary show ran for only one summer at Blackpool in 1969 by Joe Raber's
Marine Mammals International with two dolphins name "Simbad" (pictured) and "Pronto". "Simbad" was later transferred (along with a number of animals) from Marine Mammals International (Battersea Park Dolphinarium, Royalty Folies) to the company who owned Margate Dolphinarium and other seasonal dolphinaria. These two companies did have business links at one point and the transfer of some animals to Queens Entertainments was agreed when they ceased joint business operations.

The comments in a Review of Dolphinaria reproduced below are incorrect and may confuse animals owned by Don Robinson (Flamingoland, Scarborough) which did spend sometime in South Africa.

A Review of Dolphinaria states:

Three bottlenose dolphins were brought from South Africa for a summer show in 1969, for one season. One animal died and the other two were exported to Malta. These animals visited other dolphinaria and were seen again in South Africa in the 1970's. One may have been the animal Maria (Speedy) which later visited Clacton and Sandown.
Singing artist Cilla Black with one of the dolphins at Blackpool dolphinarium.

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