Skegness Dolphinarium: 1972 - 1975


Skegness dolphinarium was a summer seasonal show operated Queens Motel and Entertainment Ltd (Margate Dolphinarium) in conjunction with Skegness Urban Council. The first season started badly with dolphin 'Speedy' having to be returned to Margate as he refused to perform. Two animals were then supplied on loan from Pleasurama (London Dolphinarium etal) for this season. In 1973 the season had a false start with one of the dolphins playing with and breaking in filter inlet pipe that allowed water to empty from the pool. Fortunately, staff arrived to find the animals safely on a 'water'bed' created by the pool liner and they were moved to the companies Margate pool whilst the pool was repaired. The animal returned some weeks later. The dolphin pool's last summer season was in 1975.

A Review of Dolphinaria states:
A temporary outdoor exhibit with a partly sunken 9.14 m diameter 2.13 - 2.44 m deep plastic lined pool. The show was said to have had a full commentary, which could be pitched to requirements, with biological facts as well as general material (Williamson and Schomberg, 1976)

 Summer Season 1972 - Trainers are John Dineley and Ray Bethley

Summer Season 1973 - Trainers are John Dineley and Ray Bethley


 Summer Season 1974

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