Cleethorpes Marineland & Zoo: 1966 - 1974


Cleethorpes Zoo & Marineland was founded by Pentland Hick and was operated as a satellite zoo to Flamingo Park both of which was later owned by Scotia Leisure. The marineland complex compromised of three fibreglass pool; two pools 6 feet deep and a free standing pool with underwater viewing window in the region of 12 feet deep. The display of dolphins at this park was not continuous with some years presentations being from sea lions only. The last dolphins to be displayed here was in the summer of 1974 with animals supplied by Aquatic Mammal Enterprises. The zoo closed in 1977 and was later redeveloped into Pleasure Island Theme Park.

A Review of Dolphinaria states:
 The dolphin pool was outdoor, polygonal, fibre-glass lined, about 12.19 m across and 2.44 m deep. There is no information on any additional accommodation for the other species kept. Animals wintered at Flamingo, and may also have participated in winter shows elsewhere. There was much movement between the establishments in the group and it is very difficult to establish which were 'Cleethorpes' animals - if there were such. It is possible that available animals performed as required. Cleethorpes may also have been used for holding animals outside the summer season. Taylor (1976) mentions an artificial insemination attempt between the killer whales Calypso of Cleethorpes and Cuddles of Flamingo. A white whale was kept here briefly, and possible also a pilot whale. Trainers: Mr J. Dudley and Mr F. Rendell.



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