Queen's Motel Dolphinarium: Margate: 1969 - 1977


The dolphinarium was owned by Louis Holloway and Keith Franklin and situated in the converted swimming pool of a former Butlin's Hotel which became an entertainment complex and motel. As well as the dolphinarium at Cliftonville, the company Queens Entertainments Ltd ran a number of seasonal dolphinariums at Skegness, Southend on Sea and West Midland Safari Park; or one season in 1971 the company presented a show at Salonika in Greece. It also toured dolphins in shows in public swimming pools the Midlands, north of England and Bristol. In 1974 the dolphinarium also house four dolphins belonging to Aquatic Mammal Enterprises which in that summer supplied the last dolphin display to Cleethropes Zoo. The company also supplied one or more dolphins for one summer season display in the nineteen-sevenies to Flamingo Park Zoo. At one time Queens Entertainments had business connections with Marine Mammals International. The Hotel was demolished in November 1978 and Queen's Court housing development now stands on the site in the late 1970s.
A Review of Dolphinaria states:

This was an indoor, permanent pool, adapted from an existing swimming pool, 21.34 x 10.67 x 2.74 - 3.66 m deep, with underwater viewing from the hotel bar. Margate was a major centre for seasonal shows, animals going out to Skegness and Southend in summer and wintering at Margate or doing winter shows elsewhere. Animals were provided for one or two summers to West Midland Safari Park and for one summer to Flamingo. Liverpool, Bradford and other Council swimming pools were used for short, seasonal shows. The Queen's Entertainment Centre leased dolphins from Aquatic Mammals Enterprises. In October 1974, the six animals present were owned by the then main company, with others leased. Mr Holloway and Mr Franklin are listed as trainers in 1974. Mr Garcia also trained here. Queen's International Dolphins of Thanet operated until 1980 as suppliers, collectors and trainers of dolphins. The last pair were said to be Bonnie and Clyde, sold to Gasser. Ixia Trading Company was another Margate based company supplying dolphins.




Owners of The Queens Motel in Cliftonville, Margate, Kent toured some of there dolphins in the winter season at Manchester, Liverpool, Wolverhampton and Bristol in the early to middle nineteen-seventies.

 Wythenshaw Baths - Manchester - 1970

Bradford Baths - Manchester - 1971

Heath Town Baths - Wolverhampton - 1972-3

Bilston Baths - Wolverhampton - 1972-3


Guinea Gap Baths – Wallasey – Merseyside - 1972-3 

William Robert's Baths – Norris Green - Liverpool - 1972-3

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