London Dolphinarium: 1971 -


Opening on the 1 April 1971 the London Dolphinarium was located at 65 Oxford Street in London and owned by the Pleasurama Leisure Group. At this time the company also owned Marineland in Mallorca and a temporary dolphin holding and training pool located in the Pleasurama's Amusement Park at Ramsgate. In December 2012, 65 Oxford Street and any of the remaining infrastructure from the original dolphinarium were demolished for redevelopment. 

A Review of Dolphinaria states:

The indoor pool was 14.63 x 5.18-6.40 x 3.05 m deep, with a holding pool 4.27 x 5.18 x 2.13 m deep. Taylor (1980) says that the males had to be treated with anti-androgens to prevent them making vigorous amorous advances to the 'aquamaids' who took part in the show. He says that the establishment was never a great financial success. Burton (1972) mentions an experimental lecture and demonstration service for schools. Trainers: Mr B. Whitehead and Mr G. Marshal.





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